Monday, March 28, 2022

Anays + House, El Campo, Cuba, 2018

Just looking at this negative reminds me of that wonderful morning in the countryside of Cuba, with the talented Anays Diz Pe. We have collaborated ever since I met her walking the streets of the island, back in 2008. She is now in serious demand as a dancer, a model and an artist in general. For this frame we drove around the countryside looking for places. We saw this house to the right and stopped to ask the family for permission. A sweet woman opened the door and was surprised to see us, agreeing immediately to our request.

Anays was of course ready like always, listened to my requests and performed as she desired for 12 frames. Then we changed to another film back and made another dozen frames before thanking the family, and moving onto our next location. These are the experiences that I miss, and hope to have in 2023.


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