Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Four Images of Tamy, Campo, Cuba, 2018

What makes these images even more incredible is that they were made within an hour or so one morning. For these images to have been possible, Tamy needed to be ready and we needed to reach this part of the countryside well before sunrise. 

We decided on this neighborhood a day in advance, but the specific locations depended on how the light was in the morning. This made her professionalism that much more valuable. We used this location once in 2018 and never again. These prints were made in the darkroom yesterday, and toned in selenium this morning.

It was so early that the grass was soaked with the morning dew. Nonetheless Tamy was kind enough to walk onto the baseball field without hesitation, even with the animals in the distance. While these images are normally made in the city, to bring her unparalleled talents into the countryside made me proud. Dance after all is for everyone, from city dwellers to farmers.

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