Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Young Student + Bench, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2019

Once again a young girl's portrait was made at one of the madrasas which we normally visit. This time of the year is our time to document a dozen or so schools in the district of Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. Imdadulla is the reason this work is possible and we hope soon that we can renew our efforts in the area.

This young girl and her friends walk to this madrasa from the adjacent village. The school is on its own, next to endless fields. This classroom is used during the rainy season, while classes are held outside during the dry season. 

At this point her studies are strictly religious, but the headmaster would like to include a full curriculum in the near future. This of course depends on finances and our ability to gather the support on behalf of her school. She and her friends inspire us to do more, and we hope that others will feel the same.Facebook

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