Sunday, March 28, 2021

Roy's Motel + Cafe, Route 66, California, 2019

This print was made in the darkroom in honor of my dear friend David. The negative was exposed late 2019 while driving on Route 66 on the weekends. I was working in Los Angeles and took advantage of the weekends to explore the landscapes of Southern California.

I was driving on Route 66 on this day when I saw a toilet sitting outside. I pulled over to photograph the scene, and that negative was also printed today. I was photographing the toilet when a man also stopped to make a photograph of another sign. We were about 10 miles away from the sign in this print, and I knew nothing of Roy's Motel Cafe. The man then told me that in an hour the sign was going to be turned on for the first time since the motel closed in 2005. 

We drove as fast as we could to Roy's and set up our cameras as the sun set behind the sign. This image was made the minute the lights were turned on.

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