Friday, June 7, 2019

Young Student + Classroom, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2018

For those of you who continue to support this work her portrait is presented on this beautiful day. This young girl attends a wonderful school about an hour away from the school supported by all of you. We visited her school to learn a little about her headmaster and to see the great work his team is doing in the area.

The school happens to also be his home, all supported by the local community. He is an incredible man and lives what he speaks. About two dozen girls live on the premise, while over 100 girls attend classes from the neighboring villages. His team provides all meals, and a wonderful space in which to learn.

When we first arrived he was direct, and honestly told me that he wanted nothing in return. This was a very different response, and we were humbled by his generosity. When we sat down to talk he invited us in to his room, and brought fruits and drinks for our conversation.

He then asked three of the young girls to come, one by one, and perform a song for us. They were so well prepared and performed flawlessly, not nervous at all it seemed. You could feel the energy in their performances, they were truly sublime.

When we asked to begin the photography he guided us through it all, and when he had to step away he put that responsibility in the hands of a young girl. This was a remarkable act in a region where girls are less than valued, and barely noticed.

No wonder the girls responded so well to our presence!


Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100 iii.

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