Sunday, January 21, 2018

Xtina + Water, Cleveland, Ohio, 2017

This past year took me to far away places in search of the most exquisite while, at the same time, teaching me that beautiful souls exist in my own neighborhood. It was my honor to have been included in this young woman's life for the past seven years, and even more so to be given the opportunity to document her story more so this past year.

We had wanted a session in the water but lacked time in our first session. So the second time we met we did so much earlier and headed out to Lake Erie in search of a good spot. We did fine one and headed to the water with excitement. While there were more people than normal for me for a session, it was as if we were in our own, magical world.

We began outside of the water and exposed a couple of rolls. Then we found the courage to head into the cool water while the clouds began rolling in. Fortunately we were given a few moments when the sun found its way through the clouds and illuminated Xtina's sublime features and in these moments the shutter was released.

She was of course a natural, as we have collaborated more than several times for the past seven years. She moved between expressions with ease, and presented her expressions in a seemingly effortless manner.

My hope is that we get another chance this year to do even better!

Note: This image was made with a Fuji GA645 film camera.

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