Friday, December 30, 2016

Jaedon + Path, On Route to El Mirage, California, 2016

Regardless of location she shines. Whether on stage or on an off-road path, the level of professionalism Jaedon demonstrates is exceptional. If we see a spot on our way to our final destination, she is always willing to give it a try. This is what happened when we saw this scene to our left. 

We parked to the side of the road, tried to enter a bit and realized that it was best to stay near the road. Jaedon got ready while I put the camera together. Once this scene was composed onto the ground glass of the Hasselblad, I knew we were at the right place. She took her place and we began to expose a roll. Everything just seems so natural with Jaedon, from the drive to the conversation to the photography.

She went back and forth between two worlds, from dance to fashion. With Jaedon these two worlds exist at the same time, true grace and harmony. Releasing the shutter is difficult at times, for it is like watching a performance and trying to remembering to release the shutter once the moment presents itself. Thank goodness she is aware of this and pauses now and then with this in mind.

I look forward to our next collaboration, and to showing the girls in India as well as in Cuba a sister back in the States named Jaedon.

Note: This image was exposed with a Hasselblad V system.

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