Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ramón Perez Pereira, Artista de la Plástica, Havana, Cuba, 2016

This summer on the island was a little different, as we spent some time outside of photography. While assisting one day on an avenue, an artist's work caught my attention. He was very sweet, and talked at length with me about his work.

While the subject matter was sublime, the paper onto which it was printed had an incredible story. It was completely made by the artist and, as with this example, the telephone book was used in the paper's making. One could see the names of people, as well as their phone numbers.

According to the artist, the hand, both in form and in color, represented the idea of revolution. When speaking about his work, Ramón always had a smile on his face. The man was sincerely proud of his efforts, and made an impression on me.

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