Sunday, November 1, 2015

Child of Migrants, Humana People to People India, Uttar Pradesh, India March 17, 2015

This young girl lives the life of a migrant, yet life few migrants has an opportunity to attend classes thanks to Humana People to People India. The privilege of photographing her was made possible by this incredible foundation, and the team responsible for the school in her village.

She and the other children in the slum attend classes in a local temple. What they walk through on a daily basis on their way to school would make most hold their breath. Mounds and mounds of garbage separate their hamlet from the temple, and provide an almost nauseating odor all day and night.

When we arrived to photograph the children on this morning, we were welcomed immediately. All of course knew the foundation's team, and accepted me thanks of course to this existing relationship. The beautiful children were immediately ready, and had the most incredible look of surprise as they learned of our intent to document them.

We set up in the narrowest alley, and asked the children to stand for their portraits one by one. Like in countless villages, what amazes me most is how strong, how honest and sincere their expressions are... how natural. 

Here is her expression... what was on her mind? Each viewer will have their own interpretation of course... but my hope is that none will deny the purity of her expression.

Note: this portrait was made by a Sony RX100M2.

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