Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ballerina + Trip to the Countryside, Cuba, Summer of 2015

On this afternoon we got a glimpse of the sun and decided to call two dancers for a spontaneous session. Of course we had plenty of clouds as well, but we hoped for the best.

What makes these families even more incredible is their sincere trust in and understanding of our work. They of course are plenty busy in their lives, but always seem to make time available for us and our genuine intentions regarding their daughters.

So on this day one girl was at work with her mother and the second was at a birthday party in the neighborhood. When we called them, they insisted on helping us make this happen… and especially the dancers themselves. We accepted of course with open arms and made our way to their homes to pick them up.

The clouds kept increasing in numbers and density, but we kept our fingers crossed. After the girls were ready we headed out to the countryside, just about 40 minutes from the city. We took a turn from the main road and happened to find this incredible house. Thankfully the two men present allowed us immediately to use their home for our photography.

The girls took to the stage so naturally, using everything from the chairs to the columns for their performances. They took turns in front of the lens, and even let their hair down for this session. This happened to be this young dancer's second time with us, and she really impressed us with her calm demeanor and grace. She went from one position to the next effortlessly, and always with confidence in her expressions.

The sun came and went, but we did our best and walked away with a few promising rolls exposed. I look forward to heading to NYC next week with these rolls, and the film from this year's trip to India as well!

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M2.

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