Friday, April 17, 2015

Young Student + Step Up Center, Humana People to People India, Mewat, India, April of 2015

Just yesterday we made this image of a young student from one of our schools in Mewat, Haryana. Her reaction alone is enough for us to continue to support the schools through Humana People to People India. In less than three visits she has come to affect me deeply, and the connection between her and the camera has blossomed as in this example.
She is a complete natural and is able to look into the direction of the sun without strain. When I asked her to stay on the roof of the school for yet another portrait yesterday, her smile was from ear to ear. She was a star before we arrived, and my hope is that the images made will honor her timeless beauty, and her courage.
The school is doing quite well, and her teacher is quite motivated… studying at the local university to advance herself and her family. The students have a safe, clean place in which to study. They sit on clean rugs, and all around them are colorful posters demonstrating the alphabets, the names of animals and vegetables.
After we finished the photography for the afternoon, all of the students were dismissed… yet this young girl couldn't find it within herself to walk fully down the stairs even though the teacher asked her several times to do so. I was secretly glad of course, and asked her and her friend to come back up for a group photograph… in which she smiled as in this image!

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