Thursday, April 2, 2015

Young Student + Academy for Working Children, Humana People to People India, Neemrana, India, March of 2015

This little girl just happened to steal the show, of course unintentionally. She walked onto the roof like nothing happened, and just took my breath away with her expression and her cap! She of course recognized this right away, and took to smiling the rest of the time until her portrait was made.
After the photography, she stood by watching us put everything away… and I took my cap off to show her my lack of hair. It was at this time that a young boy snapped her cap off, and her own beautifully short head of hair was on glorious display for all to see. She was more than a little bit embarrassed in the cutest of possible ways, as she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders while giggling until she managed to put her cap back on.
The rest of my morning was spent making videos of the school children, now and then looking her way and just smiling the entire time hoping that her portrait translated well onto film for all of us to see later!

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