Sunday, February 1, 2015

Young Student, Humana People to People India, Rajasthan, India, 2014

In this post I share one young girl's story. She attends classes in a school reopened just last year in collaboration with Humana People to People India, thanks to the generosity of those attending our benefits two summers ago.
"I am Aachi Gurjar. I am 13 years old. We are nine members in my family. My Father name is Mr. Ram Karan. My mother name is Kalli Devi. We are five sisters and two brothers. My father and mother are working as a labor in Kheda village of Virat Nagar. My family is very poor."
"Due to poverty, my elder sister and brother cannot read because during school time, we are working at our home to earn money. So due to poverty my family is not able to get education. One-day, Krishna Didi told to my father about a new school. However, my father and mother said that I did not have time as I take the goats for grazing. Then Krishna - our teacher said to my father and mother that our school time start from 12 in a noon. She can come easily. Then my father agreed and enrolled me in the study center."
"Now I am coming daily to the study center, and I am feeling very happy to start a new life. Now I am not only Anchi, but also a student in this school. I and my family are very much happy. My teacher is nice, and she loves us. Here I am learning Hindi alphabet and math also. We participated in the Baal Sabha on Saturdays. At the end, I wish to continue my study. I would like to thanks to this school to give me the opportunity for study."

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