Friday, February 20, 2015

Young Girl + Modeling Outfit, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, Summer of 2014

Along with the film images, most recently digital images have been made to provide the people with prints immediately. This has also allowed me to view the processed film prior to my return home.

This image of a familiar Cuban spirit is one such example. We borrowed a few  outfits from a fashion designer, and handed one to her for the sake of fun. She loved the thought of modeling a well-known designer's clothing, quite a change from our documentary portraits four years earlier.

She took the time the prior evening to have her hair done with the neighborhood hair stylist, a friend of the family. When we picked her up in the morning, we sensed her excitement even thought she was very quiet.

Seeing this photograph might be a bit deceptive however, for this young girl lives in one of the most strained neighborhoods in the city. Tourists would never set foot there, and we drive as slow as possible to try and avoid the endless potholes up to her home.

The neighborhood hasn't seen basic improvements in decades, and her family does what is within their means to make her life as joyful as possible. Her parents are wonderful people, and love her dearly, allowing her to collaborate with us as long as she wants to do so. Luckily enough, she continues to say yes!


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