Thursday, April 3, 2014

Model + Pan American Stadium, La Habana, Cuba, Summer of 2013

Since Alejandro's 1954 Chevy was unable to accommodate eight of us comfortably, meaning that we wanted the young woman to be free of our less than odorless presence for the ride to the Pan American Stadium, Alejandro dropped us off first and then went back for the models. La Maestra prepared them beautifully and of course came along to guide them further during the photography.

Unfortunately the clouds joined us and we ended up mostly using the digital platform initially. Then just as we thought the sun had set for the evening, a sliver of sky opened up and we dispatched with the digital cameras and picked up our film. Eduardo picked up his trusty Rolleiflex and I my Hasselblad and we went to work.

We had four young women in our presence and asked each to step in front of the white wall for a minute or so before the sun disappeared. Each gave us a dozen exposures and then allowed the others to do the same.

This young woman was less than seventeen years old and stood well above all of us. She had a way about her, and knew just how to bend her neck to support her head effortlessly. She dreamt of being a model and was doing quite well with La Maestra. I hope that she's continued and look forward to another session at the stadium!

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