Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Refugee + Camp, Muzaffarnagar Riots, Uttar Pradesh, India, December, 2013

Sometimes the portraits exclude the environment in which these young girls live, presenting the individuals rather than the community. In this instance both are included for your review. This young girl has seen hell on earth, has been uprooted from her village through intense violence and has been forced to live in this makeshift collection of tents.

We can only imagine what she has seen and experienced as a young girl during the most recent violence in the Muzaffarnagar region of Uttar Pradesh, India. The government is nowhere to be found here, only private citizens doing what they can do. I was advised that some of these young girls had been violated even more so, and this brought a sense of shame to me as a man while pushing me even more so to represent them with the highest of respect through these portraits.


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