Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Young Boy, Stool in Courtyard, Humana People to People, Rajasthan, India, November 15, 2008

This is the 12th image from the 16th roll of film on this day with Humana People to People India. We were looking for a place to photograph the children after having arrived a bit late in the morning to use direct sunlight. We walked about sixty meters away from the teacher's house and found a beautiful courtyard with subdued light.

We asked the owners of this home for permission and were granted entry into the courtyard. They also provided a stool for our use and the children sat on it one by one for their portraits. A large reflector was held behind me and to the left of this child, giving us a bit more light to help shape their faces.

Behind the child is a shoulder level stone wall, and perhaps twenty or so people watching. Next to the baskets are paddies of cow dung and grass drying for use as solid cooking fuel. In my time within the rural parts of Rajasthan I was always impressed with the capacity to recycle present within each household and village. Nothing is wasted and almost everything is used to its fullest capacity. When washing dishes the water dripping from one dish is used to wet another and so on.

During this short session I really enjoyed photographing the local children, boys and girls alike. Usually my work with Humana People to People India focuses on the girls, but every now and then boys present themselves with such sweetness that they are also included. In this case a few boys made their way into the courtyard and were asked to be photographed.

Even though the young boy in this image may seem a little less than thrilled to be photographed, he was more than happy before and after his time on the stool. Many times a person changes their presentation in front of the lens, and has something completely different to offer right before and after the portrait is made. This is one reason for me to invest a roll of film at times for a single person, because it is clear to me that there is much more to be recorded. Sometimes a few rolls are dedicated, and the results are rewarding indeed.

This year we look forward to reopening five schools in collaboration with Humana People to People India, and hope that the school in this village will be included in the near future. The foundation has located the previous teachers and all but one are available for the task. In October I do look forward to visiting these schools and hearing the voices of girls reciting the alphabet from a distance.


Note: This image was made with a Hasselblad V system.

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