Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Two Hours With Helene, Just Outside of Los Angeles, California, Fall of 2010

These images, and perhaps sixty more, were made in less than five minutes at the end of our session. From one expression to another Helene moved without being instructed, took me on an incredible voyage of human expression. Here was a stranger in front of her yet she yielded the fiercest of emotions, the most gentle of feelings.

The wind was blowing endlessly and bringing with it a cold breeze. Rather than making me feel hurried and pushing the session to its end, Helene allowed me to unload and load film without stress. When asked about the cold she smiled while she shivered, pulled up her shirt while waiting then pulled it down immediately as the camera was ready.

Our session began with images of her yoga experience, and then shifted to close images in my usual style. The background was the glorious sky and her hair blew wonderfully with the wind. She never did attempt to control her hair, but rather allowed it to dance with the environment. These are some of my most memorable images from the first visit to Los Angeles, and I look forward to printing this series in the next few weeks in the darkroom. Only then will I realize their incredible potential to move me once again.
Halim Ina Photography

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