Thursday, June 28, 2012

Landscape on the Side of the Road, Somewhere between Havana and Santiago, Cuba, July 2010

It can be as simple as stopping the car and making an image on the side of the road. I look forward to more of these images, more of stopping every hour or so to take in the scene. There are those alongside the road selling blocks of cheese, there are those selling pineapple split into four slices with a stem to hold onto.

It is paradise for a photographer this incredible island. Anywhere one looks an image forms itself, clouds appear and landscapes transform to anything but the mundane. In our second week we plan to drive out to Holguin in search of a ballerina from four years ago named Irinita. It is during this trip that I will hope for scenes such as the one above, made on our way back two years ago in search of other faces and spirits.

I will send Irinita's aunt an email just now and hope that they will receive it. My dear friend has already contacted them and they await our presence in a few weeks. This most beautiful, young girl has choreographed a piece for us and will perform it upon our arrival. We have remained in contact since her first and only portrait in 2008 in front of the famed Lizt Alfonso School of Ballet.

She was the first one to allow me her portrait and allowed others to have the courage to do so. I will travel days to see her, and spend days just making her portrait. Years ago this would have been impossible, to photograph a single person for a span of a few days. I have come to appreciate the process of portraiture more so and look forward to this July on the island.

Her story was mentioned in this blog before, and her link is listed below.

A Ballerina Named Irinita

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