Wednesday, June 6, 2012

La Bailarina y El Fotógrafo, Leidy y Eldo, Alamar, Cuba, July, 2011

Eldo works feverishly during my time on the island. From speaking with people to gaining access to certain populations, he does so in a most genuine manner. He cares about my work and considers it his own. When we sit down with the families, he never shows signs of being tired, of wanting to leave. He adores them as I do.

He is also a photographer and makes images during our sessions. He translates and instructs while releasing his own shutter. Eldo works with film, but uses a digital camera during our collaboration. The images above are his creations. What makes him even more remarkable is that he is doing this while doing many other tasks on my behalf.

For this session we meet Leidy outside of her home and then take her to the beach. She happens to live in the same neighborhood as two of our other dancers, and knows them well. It's a small world after all. She is a consummate professional, and works primarily as a dancer in the capital. She never tires nor does she show frustration when we ask for something new.

Hopefully I will see her and her friends in five weeks and look forward to the collaboration.

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