Friday, September 3, 2021

Young Student + Classroom, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2018

It's nearly impossible to describe the gentle nature of the girls in rural India, their noble humility. She is a student in the school run by the headmaster in the previous post, and this is the classroom right behind the two men. Even after 16 years of visits to India, I am continuously amazed as to how they could connect with me, with my camera. 

Sometimes I think that this is impossible, then time and time again the girls prove me wrong. Even when called from their lessons to sit down on a bench, they can compose themselves instantly and stand with such elegance. What goes on in their minds is a mystery to me, but what I sense is pure happiness and love.

This may be the first time that they are put first, in a society which treats them with indifference. They are of course right about my approach, and they know it. That is what I see in this girl's gaze, in her peaceful expression.

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