Saturday, December 30, 2017

Toddler + Wooden House, Managua to León, Nicaragua, 2017

A few days before my departure we visited this village for the second time, and were beyond fortunate to have had a quiet moment to photograph this young boy. At first his mother had held his hand while he stood next to her, then I placed a bucket upside down for him to sit down... and he did so ever so calmly. Amazingly he sat still for about ten minutes while his mother and I made as many photographs as we possibly could!

He and his family live in between Managua and León on the old highway, the same path my father would have taken as he arrived in Nicaragua. He would have passed by this village as well, perhaps passing by the grandfather of this young boy as he was a toddler himself. The people in this tiny village welcomed us as they would have welcomed family. After the photography on both days we talked for hours about topics ranging from rural life in Nicaragua to their experiences in Cuba.

Two of the men from this house had traveled to Cuba in the 1980s, giving us plenty of subject matter to talk about other than our mutual history in Nicaragua. They loved my old passport, and the picture of me when I was somewhat the age of this young boy. It was the link between the present and the past, something tangible which brought us closer together.

I do hope that the film contains at least one image comparable to this digital image, and look forward to seeing the film images once processed in a month or so.


Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.

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