Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Three Friends + Rooftop, Shamli District, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2017

At times when it seems this work will fall short, my mind drifts far away to this village and thinks of these students. They are and have always been the inspiration behind the work. It is for them that so many of you have come together, and it is for them that Nirvana Bodhisattva and his team at Nirvanavan Foundation move forward in this region.

These are the younger students from the village, yet have had almost four years of experience with the photography. Earlier this year we discovered photography in this room and my work was reborn. They have given so much to me, and thanks to all of you the work is going to give back so much to them.

As in the previous posts, I am honored to notify all of you that 50% of the funding is on its way and the remaining 50% has already been raised.

Congratulations to all of you, to all of the girls in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh!

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.

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