Friday, January 22, 2016

Young Student, Nuh, Haryana, Humana People to People India, 2015

Earlier this year we visited the new schools in this region and were more than pleasantly surprised at the reception. The classrooms were full, and the teachers were from the same villages as well. Humana People to People India had worked extremely hard in organizing these schools, for they faced as many obstacles in doing so here as they had in Rajasthan.

In many of these villages girls lack access to formal education, even though government schools exist nearby. Traditional attitudes prevent such from happening, attitudes experienced by me as well during my week or so in this area. So to see the schools up and running, with the support of the families and the elders of the communities, gave me an immense sense of happiness. Whenever a doubt comes into my mind regarding this work, I look at these images and regain my composure.

This portrait was made in the courtyard of the teacher's home, also the school. The teacher's father is quite elegant and more than understanding, allowing his daughter to attain higher education while at the same time donating a room from his own home for the classes.

This was the spot where we had tea on more than several occasions, and an oasis in a chaotic world for these beautiful girls. I look forward to visiting the schools in less than two months, and seeing the progress that has been made, from 75 girls to over 400 girls attending classes!

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M2.

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