Friday, May 1, 2015

Child of Migrants +Slum, Humana People to People India, Gurgaon, India, March of 2015

A few evenings ago I was having a conversation with Sombeer, and we were talking about sleeping with the heat of Rajasthan during the nights. Although it is only April, a few nights ago it was quite hot and his daughter had a difficult time sleeping. We talked about the options, which brought us to a story from his past.

He told me that some years back as he began his work in these communities, that when he had a hard time sleeping during the really hot nights, all he would do was to think of the people sleeping under the plastic tents on the side of the road. What was their night like? How did they sleep next to the traffic, with the constant dust sweeping its way into the tent?

So that same night, I did the same and fell asleep without giving any thought to the heat… while of course keeping these incredible people in my mind for the next day's session. This is the story of the young girl in this portrait. She is one of those living in unimaginable conditions, she and others like her endure endless nights on bare floors and with little more than a fabric wall to separate them from their environments.

Tomorrow I head to work in the slums of Jaipur with my good brother Ashok, and hope to document even more so these heroic figures. To them this work is dedicated always.

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M2, edited for size and contrast… with only natural light.

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