Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ballerina + Beach, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, Summer of 2014

The scans for Cuba began today, immediately going to the new format negatives with excitement. The young girl in this image was the reason for this new approach, photography while in the water along with her. A 'new' analog camera was purchased using the same medium format film as the more formal system, along with shorts and sandals for my first swim in the waters of the island.

Aside from my decision to visit Cuba, this seemingly innocuous change to my work made such a difference. Rather than photographing for an hour and then heading back to the city, the mornings now included playing alongside these beautiful spirits for hours after the camera was put down.

Standing in the water next to them, a hundred feet from the shore, with nothing but warm water around us, made my time with them that much more precious. The images made represent a new excitement in the work, and even now take me back immediately to those incredible waters.

Note: This image was made with a Fuji GA645Zi onto Fuji Neopan Acros 100 ISO film.

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