Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In My Country, John Mikhail Asfour, Montreal, Canada

In my Country
     The ash tree, the oak tree, and the cedar
     Grow together.
They live and stand strong before the storms,
Their branches touch and their roots join each other,
They cast their shade upon the land and receive the sun
     As the sun rises.
In my country
     The tiger, the lion, and the wolf
     Dwell in the same forest.
They hunt together, and in the night
They guard their young from strangers.
They drink from the same stream
     And roam the same valley.
In my country
     The eagle, the hawk, and the canary
     Fly and circle the sky together.
They build their nests on the same hill and in the same tree.
They sing, play, and they eat from the same field.
In my country
     It is my people,
     Only my people,
Who kill and murder each other.


  1. Did you know that Jogn Asfour sadly passed away last week?

    1. So very kind of you to leave me this courteous comment. The answer is sadly yes, since our families are related. He was the most incredible man, a sweet soul and I for one amongst many will never forget him. I wish one day to publish my photographs along with his words, it would be an honor. Thank you once again for the comment.