Sunday, June 29, 2014

Student + Me, Girls Bridge School, Humana People to People India, Rajasthan, India, 2013

Less than seven days remaining until Cuba, today was spent printing images of the girls from India to show the girls in Cuba. Through the same camera lenses all of their spirits have passed and it is only fitting that they meet each other through the image. In this image a new face stands next to me and it is this enthusiasm that drives this work, the love within her reaction that allows it to flourish. She now attends classes in one of the Humana People to People India schools for girls reopened since last year. Through our local efforts this has been made possible.

We were walking around looking for some of the students when we walked by her home. She was at the end of the dirt path leading to her house, just ten or so meters to my right in this image. Her smile welcomed us into her family's space and her brother without a single note of hesitation allowed me to photograph her almost immediately. We had a nice hour of photography, then some incredible tea before heading back to the school. To my great surprise she was one of the girls chosen to attend the new school for girls in the village. When any doubts pass through me regarding this project, I only need to look at her face and feel her expression to know that this is right, that this is true.

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