Sunday, March 2, 2014

Girl + Greeting, Rajasthan, India, Humana People to People, November 3, 2013

There are the shy ones and then there is this young girl. When she saw a stranger walking up the path leading past her home with a large camera, she stood her ground rather than retreat into her house. She agreed to be photographed even though a dozen or more of her neighbors were listening to the question. The images made on that very late afternoon were meant as an introduction, and the family obliged a visit the very next day which resulted in this face just as the sun appeared above the hilltop.

Perhaps the happiest set of girls photographed in a single house by me they were. All of them giggled the entire time, and teased the camera quite a bit before they stepped more than willingly in front of it.  We made images on the rooftop and just this past week the portrait desired of each daughter was processed to my delight. To do so on the first attempt is a fortune, and even more so considering the beauty/kindness within this family.

Three schools for girls have been reopened in their area, and we hope to do more in the near future. Humana People to People India is doing incredible work and I am proud to be considered a partner in their progression.

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