Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Store Clerk, Habana, Cuba, 2008

In between sessions we rarely do any work, other than organization.

This afternoon we happen to be sitting in a small park and notice the traffic walking by us. While speaking about some differences between us, the tripod is extended and the camera mounted.

We continue having a lively conversation and, in between making points, as a person now and then to pause for their portrait. Incredibly, almost all pause for a quick snapshot. The man above does so and makes a minute to tell us about himself.

He loves books and works in a book store. He is always reading and proof of such is in his hands. We make note of his name and address as he bids farewell to us.

We finish our discussion and then walk to a restaurant for something to eat.

Having become familiar with formal portraits, this single image makes me wonder a bit about the past few years. It seems just as magical to make portraits in this way, a split second decision without much preparation and anticipation.

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