Sunday, January 16, 2011

Young Model and Widow, Old Delhi, India, Zakat Foundation of India, November, 2008

A young woman on this beautiful Sunday contacts me regarding the portrait above. According to her first message, the older woman above has been on her mind ever since she visited my website some time ago.

The young woman sending the message informs me that she has saved enough money to purchase the print. While many think that the prints sell easily, the simple fact is otherwise. There are few people from my experience that feel an affinity for the people in my portraits, enough so to make a purchase.

Perhaps it is difficult for most to look at such a portrait in their homes, safe havens from the troubles of the world. This young woman proves to be different with her first message and even more so with her second.

In response to my curiosity regarding her admiration of the older woman above, she writes:

'I have always felt a strong admiration towards people who have lived into old age. I feel that they hold wisdom to understanding life as to what it is, instead falling so deep into ourselves by living as though we will forever. Maybe it is from respect of my own grandparents, who have loved and raised me fully with their hearts. To me she is what I have loved and lived as a child in Ukraine..and to what my own mother was fortunate enough to escape. I am no different from her, as my fate was sealed through the hard work of my mother. Her face stays in my thoughts as does the life I left behind, for the passing of time is the only thing that separates us.'

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