Friday, January 28, 2011

Marie, Daughter, Friend, Model, Los Angeles, California, October, 2010

During my time in Los Angeles, we exchange messages almost every single day.

She never gives up, never forgets about our collaboration.

One day we arrange to meet and time seems to get the best of us, we never do meet on that day.

Instead of walking away like so many, she responds to my messages. We talk about a few options and leave it to happenstance.

She is one of a handful that offer so many days to me. The temptation is there to take a couple of them even though it is certainly a selfish act, knowing that she is quite a busy person.

We agree on one day and, as it turns out, the day comes without complications. We meet at a corner coffee store and drive out to the agreed upon spot. Just like the rest of the week, clouds seem to be hanging over Los Angeles in a most unconventional manner.

We take a chance and make a few rolls at this spot, a rock formation called Vasquez Rocks. However it seems that the clouds threaten to come back and she kindly agrees to go further in search of clearer skies.

We drive perhaps twenty minutes to the other side of the mountains and find a peaceful spot, in a parking lot next to a white wall. We make a few rolls in between clouds just as the sun breaks through. While waiting for the sun we have wonderful, short conversations. She is just as comfortable in person as in front of the camera.

Instead of being just another face, she is a friend to me. She gives her time to me as well as her considerable modeling experience. She helps me feel at ease for keeping her from her life for this afternoon. We make one more roll and decide to drive back home. This has been an incredibly memorable afternoon, one filled with images to last a lifetime.

You may learn more about this incredible woman and see her portfolio as well below:

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