Thursday, April 8, 2010

Man, Service Station, North Road, Gambia, Summer, 2006

Earlier in this blog is a portrait of his friend, another man from Mauritania. Rather than in his land, this portrait is made on the side of a road in Gambia. On our second day in this country, we stop for gasoline and see him sitting along with his friend, an older man. We are heading West in the direction of the capital Banjul for a few days of photography. 

They politely ask for our help and, seeing an opportunity, we agree to do so in exchange for their portraits. They agree nicely and walk over to the western wall of the service station. It's early in the morning and the sun is to their backs, behind the building. They sit down on a raised cement step, with a white wall as a backdrop. 

He comes from a land where there are deep divisions, between black and white, between Arab and African. In his country, almost 20% live as slaves, true slaves with masters. He is in Gambia searching for work, looking for a way to support his family.

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