Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arbore Boy, Another Very Hot Day, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia, March, 2010

With strands of a giraffe around his neck, this young boy stands above. This is our second day with this tribe, the first one being almost two weeks ago. During the first day, the photography was very difficult due to both the sun and my stomach. Much of that photography was done from a distance and with me standing under the shade of a home. This time around, the tribe sits under the tree and I am happily under the sun. The boys are photographed first today and then the girls. 

This is my last day in the Lower Omo Valley. The boys start off by standing on the bumper of the truck and then standing a few feet in front of me on the ground. Since this is our second time, the women are laughing and the men smiling. While we do still negotiate the terms of the photography, it seems easier this time. We have a history with them, albeit a short one; they know that our word is good. A few woman and one man from another tribe stop by and want their photographs made. 

They belong to the Hamar Community. Since we missed our chance to do so earlier in the week, this seems like happenstance. In retrospect, this is a sad afternoon. From the first roll of the girls to the end of the session, the shutter of the lens malfunctions and all images are ruined. The silver lining in the session is that it is the last day. This just gives me another reason to return to Ethiopia, to return to the Arbore Community and to photograph a most exquisite set of girls. Their images will be made, this is my hope. The one above speaks to that hope.

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