Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orphan, Happy Home, New Delhi, India 2006

We stand on the roof of a three story building in the middle of New Delhi called 'Happy Home.' It is a place where children from various backgrounds live, boys and girls. Some are partial orphans whose single parent cannot support their schooling orliving. Some are total orphans from the violence this world has brought upon them in the name of religion.

We stand on the roof as the sun is setting. There is just enough to light her face in this image, after which it sets behind the taller building next to us.

After this portrait, she returned to her family and has since left 'Happy Home.' The children of this wonderful place have welcomed me back three more times since this portrait. We have made many photographs, had countless dinners and have even visited an amusement park and some tourist areas, renting a bus and hearing them sing songs along the way. They are my family away from home.

The call me 'Halim Uncle.'

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