Friday, May 10, 2013

Young Girl, Village near Advaita Garden, Nirvanavan Foundation, November 10, 2009

In between sessions we walked around and at times made images. The villages surrounding Advaita Garden send their children to this school, and are most generous with their hospitality to my collaboration with the foundation. Children surround us as we walk, and immediately offer their portraits whenever the tripod is pulled out of the bag.

We happened by this corner as we were walking from her left in between two homes. The spot had wonderful, soft light and we decided to make some images of the children following along. She was one of the girls and surprised me with her non-traditional clothes. Girl after girl sat on this corner and had so much fun doing so, all of them smiled.

Nirvanavan Foundation operates a school within walking distance of this village, and others like it. While the definition of 'walking distance' is different in rural India, all of the children walk to and from the school for their classes. The thin roads from the villages to the school are lined with children twice per day, and it is a beautiful sight to behold. There is something magical happening and it has been my privilege to have been a part of it since almost six years ago.

I look forward to visiting this village and those like it in this area, and to meeting up once again with the wonderful team at Nirvanavan Foundation. The readers of this story can learn more about the foundation and my experiences with it through the links below, as well as through a simple search within this blog.

Halim Ina Photography
Nirvanavan Foundation

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