Monday, December 17, 2012

Father, Shower, Humana People to People, Banganga, Rajasthan, November, 2007

This man and his family have treated me since day one as one of their own. On my visits to Humana People to People India they are the first family visited by me and the last. My experiences with them are incomparable, as they continuously seem to outdo themselves with respect to showing their love to me.

Upon arrival I am greeted with the most incredible smiles, from all of the members of this family. They are genuinely excited to work with me without reservation. From providing the perfect background to allowing spontaneous visits, they go out of their way to make it most ideal.

His sister-in-law is responsible for the school sponsored by Humana People to People India, and organizes the girls perfectly. From their wonderful uniforms to the perfectly combed hair, there is a deep sense of pride in the presentation. The girls are usually waiting for us while sitting for class, and have never made my work difficult. Working here is about as peaceful of an experience as my mind can recollect at this very moment.

In the image above he is taking a quick shower after working diligently in the field straight behind him. His house is behind me to my right, and the spot of our first session in this village six years ago is straight ahead perhaps less than twenty meters. He was surprised that I wanted to make this picture and, according to his incredible character, went ahead and paused for a few seconds to allow me to do so. This is the smile that greets me upon arrival, and one can sense his brotherly love through the gentle countenance.

In Banganga, Rajasthan we hope to once again open the doors to the Humana People to People India school in 2013. Most of the girls from my last visit will hopefully be attending classes in the government school system since the nation has enacted legislation overseeing a government school in every single village. Our goal however is to tend to the girls older than the cutoff age, and devoid of education in their lives.

The need is great, and the project is quite urgent. Should you, the reader of this blog, find an interest in joining us more information can be found through my website. You can also contact me directly through my email and find me quite interested in your thoughts.
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