Thursday, November 29, 2012

Woman, Tool, Humana People to People, Chota, Rajasthan, India, November, 2009

Her portrait was made after a meeting amongst the women of the village in coordination with Humana People to People India. All of the women arrived after their morning chores, discussed topics ranging from the micro-loan program to the education of their girls.

In this small village exist various programs supported by the aforementioned foundation, and there is a sense of excitement perfectly palpable through their gestures, their smiles. One can sense the excitement through the latter on the face of this incredibly strong woman.

The spot of meeting was just behind her, on the carpet laid out by the owner of the home, also the teacher for the local school sponsored by Humana People to People India. In this home I have had lunch and dinner, as well as countless cups of tea. While they held the meeting I filmed the exchange, and the teacher's son walked around with my small camera and snapped images of the women. He was great, and the women finally had one from their community photographing them, even though they found it confusing in terms of their reactions.

Should they be timid as they were with me, should they be comfortable with one of their own children snapping images? It was fun to watch altogether, from the expressions on the women's faces to those of the young boy. What was most remarkable was the care with which he held the camera, and the attention he paid to the leveling of the image, to the composition. He was so gentle, and had an incredible sense of purpose when moving from one woman to another.

In this village a school is reopening once again in 2013, in this very courtyard actually. I look forward to a fresh cup of tea next year and dozens of smiling faces. For more information regarding this project, you may feel free to contact me through the following links.
Halim Ina Photography

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