Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jenesis, Model, Friend, I-77, Ohio, August 16, 2012

For our second session we are finally able to work in the light of the sun.

Jenesis waited weeks for my return from Cuba, and she waited patiently. Just the week before we needed to cancel our session due to my personal obligations. She shared her understanding without reservation and with a smile.

We arrange to meet at an unusual place, just off of I-77. For both of us the spot is perhaps twenty minutes away. As with the last session she brings an incredible array of clothing, all dark and all timeless. Certainly there are pieces that speak of a specific era... but she blends them effortlessly so as to give them their own voice.

We begin with one outfit and change to perhaps three more. A few images are made on top of the compressor for the air-conditioning unit, and other images are made against a white wall and standing on the grass next to the building. The sun is quite strong but Jenesis adapts, and works on my behalf without a single complaint.

After our session we return to my studio and select her favorites, which turns out to be quite an ordeal since so many were her favorites. The ordeal was more of a joy than anything else, and we decide on a few to print as well. While the images are printed, she goes down the street to listen to her friend's band perform at the local music shop.

When the concert ends she stops by for the prints, and is so pleased to have them in her hands so quickly after the session. We bid each other goodnight and call our collaboration a success once again. I admire this young woman for her hard work ethic, her view on life and her willingness to give of herself for my project. She is a sister to the people in my portfolio, and much more.

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