Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Praxan Aesthetic, Studio, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, May 2, 2012

The series above was made possible through an effortless collaboration with the artist Praxa. Simply stated this experience is without equal in my local photographic experience and parallels my overseas work.

He brings to the table an inexhaustible mind and a deep sense of the world around us. My work in Asia is possible because of his selflessness; inspiration is always to be found in his words as well as his actions. He believes in my work and sees the people within it as his brothers and sisters. Through this collaboration he has joined them in my portfolio.

Every emotion was expressed in this session. He did more than act, he gave of himself as he has always done. Using a mixture that included oil and ingredients from the local land, he shed all layers aside and presented a most pure light. At times it was difficult to photograph, due to my desire to sit and watch.

In little more than an hour this was accomplished, whereas many take this much time just to shed the most superficial of layers.

I am proud to know Praxa and consider myself privileged to be called his brother.

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