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Student & Uniform, Humana People to People India, November 13, 2009, Banganga, Rajasthan, India,

The meaning behind the present search for funding sits in front of us in her school uniform. Her school as well as nine other schools are the subjects of my latest blog entries. We aim to help fund these schools and in turn provide an opportunity for her and others like her to attend classes. What some might take for granted she watches from a distance.

Humana People to People India has offered to reopen the schools on our behalf should we be able to find the funding. A small amount would reopen her school, and a relatively larger amount would fund all ten schools. For the price of one year's tuition in a private university, or $30,000, all ten schools can reopen and educate almost 400 girls in Rajasthan. This is surely an important task and one deserving of our devotion.

Sure, they are someone else's daughters, some other nation's responsibility.

However, when parents are unable to personally fund such a project and when a nation turns a blind eye to its citizens, it's an opportunity for those from the outside able to do so to do so. She comes from a small village called Banganga, as beautiful as any heaven described by any faith. Fields as far as the eye can see produce wonderful food, and the skies during many months are as clear as the bluest of skies.

Children play in the fields without worry, and families are extremely close to one another. I have been welcomed into this village like a brother, and have had many dinners and countless cups of tea as a result of their deep hospitality.

Join me and these girls should you be able to do so. You may view more images and contact me through the newly designed website courtesy of Patrick Luu.

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