Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jessica, Daughter, Student, Model, Twinsburg, Ohio, August, 2011

When asked which portrait she would like to receive as a gift for her time with me, she answers: 'you choose.'

With this wish I select a portrait of a young girl from Kenya, an orphan actually. She could have selected the famous but went with an unknown. While Jessica may come from a Society graced with so much, she nonetheless makes time to give of herself for girls just like the one unknown in her possession now.

We meet in a the parking lot of a local park, and arrange to collaborate in the outfield. Children have gathered by this time and they have started to practice under their parents' supervision. Rather than being unsettled by all of this, Jessica smiles and thinks of it as playing together.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Working in such an environment is pretty difficult for most, but Jessica makes the best of it with grace and patience. She walks a great distance back and forth, changing from one outfit to another, without a single complaint. Instead of losing faith because of the bright sun, she closes her eyes now and then to relax. She then opens them up with resilience and purpose.

We work for over an hour and then pack up to head home. She waits for me to put everything away and then helps me carry it all back to the car. Instead of getting in her car immediately with a simple note of thanks, she makes the time to chat a bit and bid her farewell in a most genuine way. She is a sister to the girls in my portfolio, and they will see her portrait soon enough. They will feel her kindness and share their love in return.
Halim Ina Photography


  1. Halim - was this the girl you photographed after our dinner? Great images. Emile