Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kamoy Magazine, Spirit Issue, Nerissa Irving Collaboration, June, 2011

The publication of my work in the Spirit Issue of Kamoy Magazine has been made possible through an incredible collaboration with Nerissa Irving, Editor in Chief and Creative Director.

The images within and their stories are in honor of the girls of Rajasthan.

'With this presentation and with much gratitude to Ms. Nerissa Irving, we hope that people will feel compelled to promote girls education in this most beautiful part of the world. Over the span of ten years, Humana People to People India has operated girls schools in these villages, all with the permission and knowledge of the parents. while an education is most elusive to girls in their situation, these young women have been able to attend classes usually headed by a young woman from their own village, serving as an example to them and their friends.'

'Unfortunately, these dozen schools were closed last year due to a general lack of funding. The good people of Humana People to People India have turned to me, to the good citizens of this world, to view the education of these girls as the education of their own. Our hope is that the readers of this wonderful publication will find inspiration through these images, through this story, and present incredible ideas culminating in the reopening of the schools. Perhaps a bake sale will surface, perhaps a collaboration with a local girls school, perhaps even a print purchase through my website. Regardless of the method, the intention will be most appreciated and treasured by the girls of Rajasthan, India.'

This is our hope. For a copy of this issue, you may click below.

Kamoy Magazine: The Spirit Issue

Halim Ina Photography

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