Sunday, April 10, 2011

Magdalena, Model, Friend, Model Mayhem, Mormon Rocks, Los Angeles, California, 2010

Funny how things work out sometimes.

Magdalena hears about me in an anonymous manner through a mutual friend, another model. That same model tells me about Magdalena and that she will be joining us for a photographic session.

Then Magdalena sees one of my announcements and takes it upon herself to send a message to me, unaware of my identity and sharing her desire to collaborate. We enjoy the moment and then arrange to collaborate through our mutual connection, her friend.

Due to circumstances involving the weather and transportation, it seems that the session is doomed to never happen. Then Magdalena takes it upon herself again to arrange a ride with another friend, drives almost two hours to meet me and thus makes for a most spontaneous and beautiful afternoon.

We arrange to meet outside of Los Angeles and drive even further to a location called Mormon Rocks. It so happens that the sun is smiling in between clouds and we climb one rock formation in order to gain the upper hand on the surroundings.

She shines in this atmosphere, learns that my purpose at this very moment is to document her and nothing else. She is the reason for my existence on this afternoon, she is the theme. While backgrounds and clothing and statements of fashion have their place, the point of our collaboration is to present a moment for Magdalena to tell her story, to share with us her thoughts.

This is what she does above.

For more of her work, one may click on the link below.


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