Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Helene, Model, Friend, Outside of Los Angeles, California, Fall, 2010

While a few dozen models are contacted prior to my visit, perhaps a few including Helene follow through with our plan. Even though the weather is almost uncooperative throughout my visit, she is willing to allow for spontaneity and allow me to make her portrait.

On the day we are supposed to meet, it is both cloudy and cool in Los Angeles. We meet at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, a location halfway between Los Angeles and Palmdale. The clouds are unforgiving and prevent us from making her portrait in the style desired.

Rather than giving up, she pushes forward and agrees to follow me to Palmdale where there is a better chance of seeing the sun. As we drive the twenty minutes to Palmdale the clouds disappear and the sun comes shining through. With some good fortune this will last for an hour or so and give us the chance to collaborate.

We take the first exit and head towards an area on top of a hill. We had planned on making images of Helene on a flat boulder in different meditation positions. What we have now is gravel and she courageously goes through her meditation regardless of dirt and her black attire.

As we end the session, she also allows me to make portraits of her in my envisioned style. The wind is blowing and the cold takes a hold of Helene. She warms up between frames and gives me a few rolls before we both call it a day.

She leaves me in wonderful spirits, knowing that her portrait will join the hundreds of women in my portfolio, that they will see a face from the West that also shares their features, those from the East.

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