Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Young Women, The Kanjar Community and the Sex Trade, Rajasthan, India, 2009

Are they really that? Does that define them?

Do their aunts still trade sex for money? Are their uncles the pimps behind these transactions?

Can a Society calling itself a democracy allow this to happen in plain view? Are the police aware?

Do the neighbors think of them as the lowest in the Society while they pay for their services?

Do they have a chance in this dark world? Can there be a future for humanity with this in mind?

How much pain have they seen? How many of their sisters have been sent away for money?

When they play in the alley in front of their home, are they only a wall away from the truth?

Do they perhaps already know their sisters' reality? Do they believe it is theirs?

Are there men that believe being with them will cure them of their sexually transmitted illness?

What payment will they make? What price will these young girls pay? What has Society lost?

Does anyone care?

Only the answer to the last question is clear to me. It is one reason for their smiles.
They will survive, they will overcome the present.

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