Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Angie, Mother, Wife, Model, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, May, 2010

Every once in a while in the States, someone approaches me and asks to have their portrait made.
Usually, my camera stays in the closet. An email is received from Angie and all of a sudden a realization comes over me: there are plenty of people on this side of the ocean that can find their way into my portfolio.

Her words are concise and sweet. For her portrait, she wants nothing in return. As a matter of fact, she is willing to drive across the state for the photography. As of this portrait, she has given me two opportunities to make her portrait, the one above is from our second session together. Because of my need for natural light, she reserves time for me without knowing for certain the chance of meeting.

Unlike the subjects in the rest of my portfolio, she has modeled extensively and has been photographed by some of the finest photographers from across the country. She has been photographed in larger and smaller cities, in professional studios and in natural settings.

For our portraits, she arrives on her own the first time and with her family the second time. She comes dressed beautifully simple, with nothing to decorate her face. She is a most humble, kind individual, one who has taken her rightful place next to the faces in my portfolio. She has my deepest respect.

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