Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Second time with Sabrina, Studio, States, December 27, 2009

This is her second portrait with me. Sabrina has supported the work from the beginning.

She allows her portraits to be shown alongside the ones from overseas, allows her photograph to be sold with the proceeds going to the foundations. She asks for nothing in return.

She lives over one and a half hours away and comes to my studio without making a fuss. She shows up for the benefit in the cold, snowy night and then drives back in time for work all with a smile.

Her portrait was taken with me to the Middle East and Asia this year. The girls loved seeing her portrait, loved seeing an American girl stand out from the rest. They so enjoyed seeing her art, her piercings. They asked many questions, usually in wonder that an American girl can appear like Sabrina, on her own terms and with such strength.

They loved the idea that Sabrina had seen their pictures, that their pictures were seen by people in the States next to her portrait. In Sabrina, they have a sister.

People always ask: How can I make a difference?

I point to Sabrina's portrait. It is that simple.

She is a model and gives of her talent.

There is little need to write more.

Some have much more and give much less.

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