Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Student, Al-Arqam Academy, India, 2007

A couple of messages are received today that have shed some hope on finding this young girl in the upper right corner again, along with her friends at a small school two or so hours north of New Delhi. The school has changed hands but many of the children still attend classes in the renovated building.

This small school situated next to a remote village welcomes me every time and shares with me and my hosts from New Delhi a dinner and always tea of course. The number of children whose features are as magical as the ones seen above is limited only by the amount of film in my bag. It is a remarkable place, only one school next to one village in a country that has over 750,000 villages.

I just hope that the next week or so presents a plan to find her and her friends, in good health and waiting to have their portraits made again. The one portrait above is already in her hands, in her home for her parents to see and enjoy.

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