Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Indiegogo Campaign + Costumes for Ballerinas in Cuba, Spring of 2015

It's official… the project to fund costumes for the ballerinas in Cuba began this week! We have placed a reasonable goal and hope to meet and then exceed it, allowing us to purchase as many outfits as my luggage will allow in six weeks!
The idea is simple: to surprise the girls with beautiful outfits and then make images with these very outfits on the beach, in the countryside and within the cities. The girls are in the dark regarding this project, and will be beyond surprised when we arrive to their doorsteps with costumes in hand!
Any and all contributions will be appreciated, let's make this happen! All can follow the link in the previous post to help turn this proposal into a reality for this young girl, and others like her on the island!

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